Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Big Guy

Decided after the voting thing for the Spirit Guide to take a quick break before hitting the Guide art. This was from an idea I had to pitch to IDW to do a 2-part story for their Ghostbusters comics, but back when I had the idea I'd only considered submitting it as a writer. I liked the idea and decided to do some art for it the other day... might post some more later.

Oh, Stay Puft isn't Gozer in this either. ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Six to the Head - The Making of a Creator Owned Comic

So, the reason I called this blog what it is is finally going to be revealed. For some time now, I've been sitting on a comic/short film idea that I've been desperate to do. It's not exactly conventional comic storytelling; it uses a lot of silence and takes eighty pages to tell you a story that only takes a few hours within the world of the story itself. It's about as decompressed as you can get when you're not Bendis or Kirkman. Anyway, I'm not going to say much more about it, I'm just going to post things every so often.

Okay, with this being the first of these sorts of updates, I'm going to come straight out and tell you that I'm terrible at drawing people. I can draw pretty much anything except human beings. Kinda sucks. Well, that's not entirely true... I can draw humans, but I need photo references. Same with a lot of my landscapes, unless it's completely alien or fantastic. Six to the Head is neither. It's a period story, set in Victoria, during the waning years of the gold rush. So, about a week ago, I went to a place most locals know of called Sovereign Hill. Kinda got in there illegally. Don't tell anyone. Anyway, I took a shitload (over 500, roughly) shots for reference. Here's a selection.